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Monday, July 21, 2008

Law 101 Mid Term Period: The Size of the Lie

Deception is when one convinces another to believe something knowingly void of complete truth. To convince others of these fabrications, the one who deceives exercises propaganda, distraction, secrecy, and concealment in thier efforts to portray necessary elements to create a reality that does not exist.

Deception is not unique to humans, as some other life forms alter thier morphology or appearance in order to exist. Humans, on the other hand, deceive others by choice and not with a survival necessity. This makes deception a targeted and dishonest human behavior that occurs frequently. Such deception is manifested in forms such as betrayal, lying, and fraud. And what such people do can and often harm others- especially if this occurs in the medical community where this devious act could harm patients to benefit the one who chooses to be without authenticity.

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