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Monday, July 21, 2008

Law 101: The Bribery Statute

The anti-kickback statute, according to the Inspector General, is when one causes another by presentation of something of value to act in ways in regards to thier prescribing habits that potentially disregard the decision may have for the patient who is prescribed. To offer such an item is in itself a violation as it is an illegal inducement, as no gifts should be given in such a way to increase business of the giver. Nor should the prescribers be chosen to receive these bribes according to thier prescription volume or potential increased support for the promoted products of the giver.

This statute was activated in 1972, and is a violation of the false claims act. The items manifest into many forms and concepts, such as sham clinical trials of no scientific value sponsored by the giver's employer, bogus consulting arrangements with the receiver, and paychecks directly to these prescribers. All are implemented to induce these prescribers with economic coercion.

These items of value that are bribes are as secret or tacit as they are clearly a corporate crime with this fraudulent cource of judgement.

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