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Monday, July 21, 2008

Law 101 Continued: More Latin Once Again

Quid Pro Quo is used by legal agents often to describe exchanges between two entities. Meaning, 'this for that', it occurs with an expected exchange of favors between the two. The favors are viewed as an equal transaction during such a substitution.

Illegal in the Pharmaceutical and Health Care world, this tactic can cloud the judgement of prescribers in regards to the care they give thier patients, as well as allowing for bribery or blackmail to surface if the agreement relevant to the exchange sours.

Furthermore, it creates an atmosphere of reciprocity that further clouds the objectivity of a health care provider.

Reciprocity, by the way, is a mutual and cooperative interchange of favors between others that is typical if not expected in a buyer and seller relationship which, obviously, should not exist in regards to those in the health care system who have the ability to affect the care given to others in the medical community.

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