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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Law 101 Continued: What is a Federal Prosecutor?

A United States Attorney is a public official who represents the government in the prosecution of those suspected of commiting relevant crimes. They are located in the close to 100 United States District offices in the United States, and some are staffed and committed to addressing certain types of crimes better than others. Furthermore, some district offices prosecute false claims acts more than others. In regards to health care government programs, such as Medicaid, Boston and Philadelpia district attorney's offices appear to be the most thorough and assertive in thier investigations of this nature as it relates to health care fraud. This is where whistleblowers typically go to file these types of cases and offer testimony to relevant government officials.

At the same time, most individual states have Medicaid fraud control units that work with thier Attorney Generals for the same purpose on this level.

Yet the complete intention of these public officials, possibly theoritical, is primarily representing all crimes relevant to the public.

These federal attorneys are appointed by the president, which could affect thier enthusiasm in thier restrictions to fully prosecute all crimes that may exist due to this fact, yet this remains largely undermined.

To be continued.......

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