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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Blog Site

For additional posts I will compose, they will be annotated on the following blog:


Thank you,


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Quick Break: My Interview Today

Interviewed with a biotech company today. My follow-up letter was as follows:

Dear (removed),

Please share my thanks to (removed) as well for your time (and lunch) this afternoon.

Your investors expect results, and that I will provide. My activities, if chosen to work for you, will always be in the best interest:

1. For Public Health
2. For (removed)
3. For my Region

Public health (patient care) will always be number one if I work for you.

We had discussions about ethics and legalities involved in our industry. By not compromising these variables, I am working for your best interests, and for your employer. This stance has yet to fail me in my profession.

I do need a job, (removed) And I wish to work for you. You will be without regrets if I am chosen.

Thank you,

Dan Abshear
Phone: 636-639-1027

It's amazing how one evolves.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Law 101 Continued: So Now You Know

If illegal wrongdoing becomes fully aware to you, you may want to take legal action to expose this wrongdoing for the well-being of others, possibly. In order to do that, you need evidence, and lots of it. How do you know what you need as evidence?

Burden of Proof is your obligation to prove what you accuse others of in a federal court- with the goal being to atrophy the presumption of innocence of who is now the defendant, as you are the plantiff, who is one who brings allegations to the attention to prosecutors.

Your goal is to show a preponderance of evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt. This evidence should be clear, thorough, and convincing. This is necessary to validate the allegations you have made likely did or are occuring. For example, original documents that show illegal activity in the written form are of more strength than simply vocalizing your allegations. Such documents are acquired in different ways and take many forms. Regardless, the evidence should be overwhelming to establish merit and etiology.

But now that you know some law basics, you know what to look for and acquire, which is why this series continues.

Soon, you will find out what happens next.