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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Blog Site

For additional posts I will compose, they will be annotated on the following blog:


Thank you,



Pharm Aid said...

Dan, Thank you for your comments on my blog, Pharm Aid. I typically publish all of your comments. However, on today's comment on SSRI's, I was unable to publish. While I'm supportive of 95% of your posting, you reference two dubious "scientific" studies. The first is St. John's Wort "as effective" as pharmaceutical medication has been unable to be validated in several dozen other studies. In the other, jogging provided depression relief greater than SSRIs. This study is true, although the benefit to patients was very temporary and was not lasting. Also, it is also worth noting that one of the subjects committed suicide.

As always, I welcome your comments on my blog, but I couldn't allow those two studies to be posted to the lack of scientific standing. I agree with much of what you wrote, but was unable to edit those two studies out your broader comment. Your fundamental premise is sound - prescribers should truly rule out other factors before prescribing antidepressants because these doctors can do more harm than good (I could not agree more with that last point).

Thanks again for visiting my site and I enjoy reading your perspective.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hardly I can believe that.

Anonymous said...

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